Paratrooper Training Certificate Award Ceremony –


On November 29, 2019 the Paratrooper Training Certificate Award Ceremony was held at the Command Headquarters «STELIOU MAVROMATI» Camp, where the certificates were awarded to 1 Commandant and 23 Contracted NCOs, who attended the basic training of Israel’s Paratrooper School.

The certificates were awarded by the National Guard (NG) Lieutenant General Elias Leontaris.

The Commander of the Commando’s Command, Colonel Solomos Solomou, in the Order of the Day encouraged the New Paratroopers to feel proud of their success, which was the result of a demanding and specialized training. Moreover, the Commander expressed his gratitude to those who contributed to the implementation of this exercise.

The Chief of the National Guard, after congratulating the New Paratroopers, stated that the training was part of the Bilateral Military Cooperation Program, which aimed to gain experience through co-training with Israeli Armed Forces.

In addition, General Leontaris noted that the goal of the NG is to turn all small individual units into a big strong group, and addressing the Paratroopers and the Commandos, emphasized that their group is the spearhead of the Special Forces.

In closing, the Chief of the NG added that the National Guard General Staff (NGGS) will continue to provide opportunities for high-level training for all personnel of Armed Forces.

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